Found Out — Notes

Background Notes for Found Out

Yes, this one is.

Hint: If any we’ve written say anything that would be untrue about you, that should be a rather solid indication we’re not writing it about you, no matter how bad your worst presumptions might get. We’ve always spoken and written the truth of you, even when we’ve been attacked by others and left hanging alone for doing so. If it ain’t true about you, it wasn’t written about you, period.

Same thing goes with even the moment turned by this poem itself – believe only the best of it, without reading into it any unintended bad. Like, start with the solid truth stated in our final line, and hold the whole rest of the poem up to the standard of that truth. At worst, we are mourning the loss that there will be those who will only find out the truth about you after they have killed off the life they had through you. (And no, even that is only aimed at those it is true about, not at you or those you love.)

We’ve been ordered off, so we’re not even supposed to be standing up for you or showing you we do still love you or even giving any sign we’ve ever known you. Even a poem such as this may be as unwelcome as when I myself last stood up for your dignity and integrity, only to get blasted for doing so. But Sara’s notes that provided the central image for this poem argued for never silencing the voice of our friendship, so . . . .

Respecting the demands that have been made of us, we can’t promise we’ll ever speak this truth aloud ever again. But we will never forget the truth of it, and will hold it in love every day through our lives and the lives of our children. And nothing we ever say, write, do or believe will ever deny this one nor go another way.

As indicated, Sara’s notes provided the image and pages of background notes to this poem. All the rest except for one of us agreed with and contributed to the poem. The one who was not involved would have only made it more intensely devoted to your beauty, had he not taken what we hope to be a temporary hiatus from our collaborations.

— Maggie, for all of us