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Want of a Good Word – Notes

Background Notes for Want of a Good Word

I’ve quoted the greatest king and most revered poet of the Jewish people. I could as easily have have quoted Jesus’ #1 disciple and the Catholic church’s first pope, who recalled Psalms in I Peter 3:10. Or Buddha or Confucius or Mohammad or Ghandi or any other spiritual leader.

Better still, I could point to our own faith and belief, from which the oldest laws find in the one central rule of life and love this: no ill will.

No excuse: one is not to respond to any hurt or evil with ill will, even to the point of death itself.

No selective treatment: one cannot hope to see life’s desire met and many days’ love known by favoring one with cheap sweet talk, while ignoring the psalms and the commandment and the rule for some other. Even for the enemy, love.

No ill word, period. Malice to none, no matter what. There are no exceptions. There is no other religion, no other way. Speak evil and deceit, and all hope of life and love is but an illusion, death within a poisoned death.

And it’s not deceitful or evil for me to believe so and say so. From even before the Psalms, the goddess and her god made it so. The only thing that the Psalms and the saints and any poems that follow along are doing is holding to its truth.

But this is no sermon to the one who doesn’t care to believe, nor is it argument against the one who doesn’t desire life or love long days. This is simply a background note to a poem I felt like writing.

— Maggie