Father, You Will Not Be — Notes

Background Notes — Father, You Will Not Be

Poetic metaphor is used to reveal truth, not to hide secrets.

In this poem, we respectfully use the fathers of our collaboration as our primary metaphor. One was rejected, said to be unfit to be a father despite a lifetime of loving parenting. One was mocked by those who spread foul gossip ignoring the sacred family he’d made. One has had the mother of his child insulted for trusting him to a solitary fatherhood.

But except through them permitting us to hug them by using them as our metaphor, actually this poem is not about them. It’s for and about our Father. In our love and worship of our Mother whom we know so well, it is too easy to act and speak as if He is as easily dismissed as some have dismissed the fathers of our metaphor. How can we think to honor our Mother if we have no respect for the One She loves most?

Not just today, but every day, we honor Him whom She chose.


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