Still the Seven of Us

We remain the same seven.

All still separate, each with our own voice. But here all still collaborating, joining our poetry in the same way a family joins its separate lives in one love.

Sara has not left us. In her notebooks and through her inspiration, her words and visions will remain a living part of us and of this collaboration through poem after poem after poem. You will see her name specifically cited on some poems, coupled with one or more of our other writers. Many times that will be for a poem Sara actually started and left unfinished, on her very direct invitation to us for joining her in further drafting. Even many more will be the times when we owe credit to her notes and essays on poetic form and metaphor, so will honor her for her living testament by including her as one of our collaborators. She will always remain one of our family’s members for life and beyond.

David has not left us. His solitude and pain may make him seem a silent partner for a very long time. But through Sara he did find his own voice, and his sincere support continues to strengthen and nourish our union with fresh air and water and inspiration. He will always remain one of our family’s members, welcome anytime with a hug through and through.

Adrien has not left us. Strangely enough, with the exception of me – I knew him from before through a mutual friend – the one thing in common that introduced him to the rest of us was him being made the target of cruel betrayal of trust. Take the time to find out the truth of him, and you find in him a true and enduring friend who keeps his word and who will enrich your own life. Sara took the time to look for him beyond the trashtalk she’d been told. And in the end, not even David saw her essays and poems and visions as clearly as Adrien’s paintings knew for her. Whether he ever actively returns to this collaboration won’t ever matter. He will always remain one of our family’s members, trusted and respected and known.

Two have joined us. In due course, we will formally give them the floor. One of those has already contributed to our most recent full collaboration. Both are already working with me and the others on drafting poems with one or more of our other authors. We don’t expect to change the name we adopted to identify our collaborative family. But without sidelining Sara, David or Adrien to any degree, yet still moving to join with Sheila and with Michael, we will remain the Heptahedron. Maybe if one does equal two, and if we felt fine calling six equal to seven before, then nine is just as equal to seven now. We are.

Together with the others of us, Maggie


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