Help Wanted Limerick – Notes

Background Notes for Help Wanted Limerick

Included in this past week’s election results: LA voters approved Measure B, aimed at enforcement of safe sex rules for adult films made in the porn capital of the U.S.

Enforcement? Although the League of Women Voters description (including a link to actual text) provides a reasonably sane version of how enforcement might work, even that description suggests what some reports were predicting: on-site oversight by county health officers during a sex scene.

Raising the question of where such enforcement officials would be found? New hires, maybe? One wonders what level of experience might be required . . .

It begged for more than a limerick, but that’s about all I venture to write anymore.

— alias



One thought on “Help Wanted Limerick – Notes

  1. clarioretenebris November 16, 2012 at 10:53 pm Reply

    A villanelle, perhaps? *poke*

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