Sandy Evacuation – Notes

Background Notes for Sandy Evacuation

At least we did make it out ok. And at least we have us. The rest we’ll have help rebuilding. Gridlock doesn’t go on forever, no matter how much it feels like hell when you’re in it.

This one’s my attempt to be influenced by Sara and the others with our current focus on the triolet form. Pardon me for being the novice at it. Coming from where I do, I’m way more acquainted with hurricanes than I am with quaint verse forms.

If you ever have to choose between the two, I’d say go with the hurricane over the triolet. Hurricanes usually pass through and keep on going.

— Dean



One thought on “Sandy Evacuation – Notes

  1. maggie November 3, 2012 at 10:08 pm Reply

    We’re still working on other forms and flying free of form. But yes, Sara’s recent fun with the triolet has been contagious. Reminds me of a glorious string of triolets I once wrote in collaboration with another very talented poet. Read a few, write one, and next thing you know, you find yourself thinking in triolets. Lots of stuff out there that fits the form like a great pair of jeans.

    But I’m commenting here in part to drop a remark on another in our little triolet storm – Not a Triolet, by our poetry group’s most reclusive member. He tells no lie to title his as not being a triolet … yet he also tells no lie to tag it as such. In dropping out the repetitions, his suggests a triolet variant I’ve already found myself playing with – a 5-line form with a not-uncommon simple rhyme scheme, but picking up a touch of wind from the ghost of the dropped lines.

    Watch for me to fold that one over into multiple 5-line stanzas … if Sara doesn’t get there first!

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