Crucial Cosmetics – Notes

Background Notes for Crucial Cosmetics

Funny how the same ones so quick to judge a woman for wanting her cosmetics to be the very best for her most special day turn out to be the same ones gawking at the beautifully painted geisha girls, show reverant awe at the war paint of native aboriginal tribesmen, indulge in sensuous body paint with a sexual partner, then spend most of the time getting ready for work every day in front of the mirror putting on make-up. Just depends on whose face it is, I suppose.

I’m planning a wedding, coming up in just a few months. One of my friends at work advised me to go for airbrushing. Which was where this came from. I get to call it a poem because along with the real-life backdrop, I do mean this to be ever so decidedly metaphoric.

And yeah, Sara’s got us all practicing up on our triolets these days. The positive influence is easy to understand: not only Sara’s own captivating smile, but the form itself is like a red velvet cake waiting for everyone to share a bite. A delightfully delicious cupcake of a form!

— Cynthia



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