Anorexia’s Triolet – Notes

Background Notes to Anorexia’s Triolet

The most voracious poetry reader of our group cheerfully points out that today’s Writer’s Almanac broadcast by NPR reads us a triple triolet, Early Supper by Barbara Howes. We like.

On the triolet I’m posting today, for the better part of the past two weeks I’ve worked at trying to fold it over and make a triolet redoublé of it, along the lines of Sara’s recent Left Unknown. I might still come back around and do so, but for now am settling just for the single triolet I’ve posted today, if but to remind us that triolets still work fine solo.

I think the repetition of the triolet goes well with the idea I’m writing about here – there’s an obsessive over-and-over-and-over side of eating routines that plays right into any repetitive verse form.

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory. I already know that won’t prevent mine from facing ridicule and misinterpretation (especially as compared against the Writer’s Almanac’s reading), but we can’t let that interfere anymore like it’s done.

— Maggie



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