My Scissors – Notes

Background Notes — My Scissors

I know I didn’t write it like it was supposed to be written.

When most all of my memories except for my words have been lost, the words I try to use try to act like replacements.

Like a lover one settles for because the real one got lost, that never really does work out. The real thing can’t ever be replaced or reinvented. I shouldn’t even pretend to try.

But this much I meant exactly as I have said: This one is not about my scissors.

— Sara



One thought on “My Scissors – Notes

  1. clarioretenebris October 24, 2012 at 7:09 pm Reply

    Sara, you don’t even need to explain that you don’t need to explain.

    We knew it wasn’t that. We knew why. We knew what that meant. And we feel the way you said so was good.

    Someone may yet be able to help you put it into words, as you had hoped. Words that are really what you see and know, not just all these words you have felt left with. That still doesn’t feel like enough. You still feel alone with it. Even with your love and even with your friends, you feel intensely infinitely endlessly alone with that vision cutting through it all.

    A gentle suggestion: Believe yourself.

    You already do, we do know. So don’t worry to defend yourself against those who do not care. And so don’t question any words you have. Trust in what you do see and do know. Maybe start with what you have said this is not about, but by knowing that not as a defense or an explanation or a complaint about not being able to put it into words, but instead as an affirmative belief of a truth you do know beyond any doubt.

    Look how those scissors truly are not, and you will see what you have been trying to express about what they are.

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