Somewhere North of Pittsburgh – Notes

Background Notes for Somewhere North of Pittsburgh

Most of the credit for this belongs to Sara. I’m not good at writing poetry like she can be. I had been trying to work on some poetry with the encouragement of Sara and the others in our group’s private blog. Then I said some of what is in this poem when Sara and I stopped just after 2am for a break at an all-night mart on a dark stretch of road in northwest Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. So Sara reminded me that any moment has poetry and worked with me to express what I had told her into what is here in this poem. So it was what I said and felt, but the poetry part of it would not be here without a lot of help from her.

Now they’ve been telling her more of what they told me and her family last year. They’re not giving her very much more time. It’s really a very rare miracle she has had this time back with us now.

So I am giving her any time she wants to have of me, and we are going anywhere she wants to go and seeing anything she wants to see and doing anything she wants to do. And we won’t look back and be sorry for any of it.

— David



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