Heptahedron Authors – Some Background

Some background on the authors of The Heptahedron —

  • Maggie & Dean  are married and have a baby girl. Maggie is the senior writer of the two; Dean joins The Heptahedron under Maggie’s influence and with her support, but participates in his own right with his own unique voice.
  • Sara and David  are engaged to be married and are expecting a child in May 2013 have a baby boy. Sara is the senior writer of the two; David has quickly been showing he comes to us with his own unique vision.
  • Cynthia and Denise  plan to marry in early 2013 are married. Both have sufficient experience in writing to be active contributors to the group’s mission.

Our seventh reads a thousand poems to any single one he ever gets around to writing, so will mainly be posting his work in our group’s private site.

We are being joined by two more poets — Sheila and Michael — whom we will present further in due course.

We all nine are unified in a single spiritual belief. Although the most ancient and most common of beliefs, ours has always been so individual and private as to have always valued its intense secrecy, so we will not go into detail nor seek to lead any other to our faith. Even so, the unity we have through our belief is central to the effort that this collaboration represents, and nothing written here will ever be inconsistent with our belief.

Although none of us has any current interest in taking the writing of the group any further than these blogs present, obviously every one in this group has become very seriously obsessed with Sara’s explorations into sestina variations and other poetic forms and methods.

That’s enough background for now. Maybe enough for later.



One thought on “Heptahedron Authors – Some Background

  1. heptahedral January 31, 2013 at 4:51 pm Reply

    A “clique”? Technically, any good family is. So call us a clique, if need be, but “family” would be the more accurate terminology.

    Strange and pitiful, how one who taught each of the main writers in our family so much about collaboration in poetry can now pretend to look down on collaboration as dirt, once we don’t care to participate in vicious insults and attacks against our own beliefs, our own friends, even our own children, names and selves.

    Collaborative effort in any family is powerful and good and lasting, and ought never have to defend itself against such ill will. Any who side with those who spread ill will are as blind as their lies, but the friend who stands by a friend for such good as a family creates is a true friend.

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